Friday, November 12, 2010

Pre-Orders for 3 Gallon All Grain Equipment kits

Ben's Homebrew is announcing the brand new release of 3 Gallon All-Grain Equipment Kits. We are now accepting Pre-orders for the kits. They'll be available to ship out towards the end of 11/19. These kits are great and here are some reasons why:

* You can brew a variety of beer at very low cost
* You don't need to invest in a lot of bulky equipment
* This kit was made for apartment brewing, stores in a small area and easy clean up
* You have far more control over the flavor and texture of your beer
* It can be done on a stove top - no need for turkey fryers!

These are great kits for beginners or even for brewers who only brew extract and like to make the change to all grain! 3 Gallon Equipment Kits are great for gifts, too, and if your budget is tight then you can always pick up the 1 Gallon Equipment Kits to get your brewing going!