Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Brew Session June 2010

Ales and Lagers Carbonated with Yeast a.k.a A.L.C.Y homebrew club had their first big brew session of the year in June 2010. We brewed up 45 gallons of stout and had a blast. Here are some pics, so enjoy!

Jim and Denny scooping out the rest of the mash water.

Sparging the grains, look at how dark that wort is! It's beautiful!

Fly sparging the wort. It smelled really good and looks like oil!

The final collection of wort in the big brew kettle

Look at that hot break! We tossed in some Northern Brewer whole leaf hops for bittering and boy did they smell delicious.

Sean (in the A.L.C.Y. shirt) and Dan enjoying good conversation and homebrew.

Some yum, yum, yummy food . . . brats and chicken on a stick with some homemade bbq sauce and honey mustard sauce.

Chilling down this bad boy with Denny's Monster chiller. It has four individual 1/4" coils running down on all sides. It took about 40 minutes to chill it all down using well water. Not bad for a warm summer day.

Finally collecting all our hard work. We'll see how everyone's turns out.

Some of the members hanging out, enjoying good company and good beer. We had a great time. Can't wait to do it again.