Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Citra Whole Leaf Hops - Review

Citra Whole leaf hops are a brand new hop that's just recently reached the homebrewing world. Citra hops are grown by Sierra Nevada brewing company and have been used in their Torpedo Extra IPA. The only thing known about Citra Hops is that they contribute a pineapple, mango and citrus flavor. Very unique and very interesting.

Just the other day I brewed up an IPA using nothing but Citra hops and when it's kegged and ready I'll be sure to report back and post my results on the hops. If you're interested in purchasing some Citra Hops you can do so right here at the low price of $2 an ounce: Ben's Homebrew
Get them while they last. And before I go here's my recipe for citra hops.

Citra Hop IPA

3 lbs golden light DME (60 min boil)
3 lbs golden light DME (15 min boil)
1 lb Local Honey (flame out)
1 lb 40L crystal malt
1 oz Citra First Wort Hop
2 oz Citra 20 min
2 oz Citra 10 min
1 oz Citra Dry Hop
2 pkgs US-05 Fermentis Ale Yeast

Pretty simple. We'll see how she shines!

Revision: 10-29-09

Kegged it up and force carbed it. It was super fresh. These are my notes: Big pineapple, piney aroma with a touch of onion. Lots of front-forward pineapple flavor, rounds out to piney flavor and leaves a touch of onion in the back end of the finish. Interesting. It's almost like a mix of amarillo, simcoe and summit all in one.

A week has gone by and the onion flavor is gone. I have to say that this is one of the most interesting hops I've ever brewed with. This simple recipe could probably win a medal because the flavor in this beer completely blows away any other kind of IPA I've ever had. It's so unique. I gave a pint to my sister and she said, with no hesistation: "Wow, this is good." And it is good. The flavor blows away any 60 min IPA.

If you haven't tried Citra hops, give them a shot as a single addition to really understand how they work. It's freakin' awesome.