Saturday, October 3, 2009

Five Star: Star San - Review

Star san, star san, star san . . . .you are my one and only friend! Ha! That's great. Seriously, though, Star san is my go-to sanitizer when it comes to sanitizing my homebrewing or wine making products and here are a few reasons why.

One of the greatest things about Star san is that it only requires a 30 second contact time in order to sanitize. The EPA requires a 3 minute contact time for any kind of sanitizer, so that's how many sanitizers are listed. However, Five Star has done their own testing and using the appropriate amount of star san per water, it yielded a 30 second contact time.

So what does that mean? Well, it means that you can actually put Star San in a spray bottle and spot sanitize equipment as you need to when you're homebrewing or making wine. I have a bottle on hand at all times. If I need to stir something up I spray the spoon down, wait 30 seconds and then stir it up. It's great for spot sanitizing wine thiefs, hydrometers, test jars . . .pretty much anything.

On top of having a 30 second contact time, the foam (and DON'T FEAR THE FOAM) will break down in wort and aid as a yeast nutrient. Can't beat that. One thing to mention, well, I already did, is that Star San foams a lot. I mean A LOT. Don't fear it. It's good for everything. The best part is that the foam acts as a barrier from other bacteria getting into carboys or buckets because when you rack over to a carboy the foam stays on top of the beer/wort/wine.

Another great thing about Star san is that when you're done using it as a sanitizer you can actually water your plants with it. It has a lot of phosphorous that's a great nutrient for plants.

On top of that, one sure sign to know that your star san has gone bad is that it will actually get cloudy. How's that for notification.

These are just a few reasons why I've switched to Star San. It's a great sanitizer and the only one I use now. A little goes a long way.