Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to Brew 1 Gallon Batches of Beer - Part 1

1 Gallon Homebrew Equipment Kits!

Ben's Homebrew is introducing a new 1 Gallon Homebrewing Equipment Kit for the Casual Brewer. And here are some reasons why you should start homebrewing with this 1 gallon homebrew equipment kit:

Why do 1 Gallon Batches of beer?

* Short on time? It only takes 45 minutes to brew up a batch.
* Living in a dorm room or small apartment? 1 gallon equipment kits don't take up much space and everything can be cleaned in your kitchen!
* Don't know if you're going to enjoy a style? With 1 gallon batches you can do a bunch of different varieties to see what kind of styles you prefer and have a nice selection on hand for your friends and family to taste!
* Enjoy Lager beers? Well, now you can simply place your primary fermenter in to your refrigerator and make lager beers. No need for any other necessary equipment! Can't beat that.
* Bottling only takes about 20 minutes, so if you're short on time this is the way to go.
* Simply put, 1 Gallon batches are a lot of fun for the Casual Brewer.