Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fermtech Wine Thief

The Fermtech Wine Thief is a must-have piece of equipment for both homebrewing and wine making. Why? The simple ease and design allows the user to extract samples from both beer and wine in a breeze. One of the greatest reasons to get a wine thief is especially if you're using carboys for fermenters. The thief makes it so easy to just pull a sample out. Simply insert it through the top of the neck and allow it to fill, pull it out and put the sample into a test jar and take a reading. I don't recommend taking readings inside of the wine thief because you can't spin the hydrometer to get the bubbles off of it, which can sometimes lead to an off reading; and another thing is that the bottom of the thief will drip a little, too. So it's much easier to pull the sample and put it into a test jar, let the foam settle down and take a hydrometer reading.

That's really all there is to the Fermtech Wine Thief, in a nutshell. They are simple and easy to use and work great. One other word of caution is to not use extremely hot water on them while cleaning because it can lead to stress cracks in the plastic. Otherwise, I suggest everyone have one of these in their arsenal of homebrewing and wine making.