Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beginner Beer Equipment Kit

So you're interested in diving into the home brewing hobby but you're not sure what kind of equipment kit you should purchase. Well, here's a beginner beer equipment kit that Ben's Homebrew sells. Listed below are the equipment pieces and some reasons why you should start out with this beginner beer equipment kit.

Beginner Beer Equipment Kit:

- Primary Fermenting Buck with grommet lid
- - Triple scale Hydrometer
- 3 piece air lock
- Easy Clean sanitizer
- 3/8" tubing
- 3/8" bottle filler
- Bucket Clip (for the racking cane)
- 24" racking cane
- Adhesive thermometer (for the outside of Primary fermenting bucket)
- Bottle brush
- Capper
- Home Beer Making

This is all the basic equipment you need to start brewing beer at home. The only other items you would need are a stock pot capable of holding about 3 gallons of liquid, ingredient kit and bottles.

Now why should you purchase just a basic equipment kit instead of a souped up, really expensive kit? It's really quite simple. Since you are just starting this hobby I always recommend starting with the basics first. Feel out the hobby and make a couple batches of beer to see how interested you are in home brewing. If your interest is piqued and you wish to upgrade to more equipment and products then take it from there. There is no sense in investing a ton of money into equipment when you are just starting if you don't know that you'll enjoy the hobby. Consider it a trial run of sorts. The kit also comes with a great book that gives you the overall basics of home brewing without getting too technical. The book includes recipes, tips, trouble shooting tips and other important information regarding home brewing.

When you feel you're ready to upgrade to glass carboys, kegging equipment or any other accessory then it's there for you to do that. But I highly recommend starting with the beginner beer equipment kit and getting a feel for the hobby. There is no sense in spending an obscene amount of money on a hobby that you just aren't sure you're going to enjoy.

But I'm sure you'll enjoy the hobby once you get started. Home brewing is very simple and very rewarding. So start today by purchasing a Beginner Beer Equipment Kit and an ingredient kit . . Hey, combine the two for a combo deal!