Sunday, July 27, 2008

What does a good Grain Crush Look like?

This is what a good crush of standard 2-row base malt looks like. You can see in the image that the insides are a nice granular size and that the hulls are still in tact for good lautering. Some grains may look like they are still in tact, but in fact, they aren't. They are cracked and once you add them to your mash tun and begin stirring they will separate from the hull. With a crush like this, I get at least 75% efficiency batch sparging and over 85% from fly sparging (continuous sparging).

With all grain brewing I would say that the crush is one of the most important elements that will give you the highest efficiency. Now, of course, mash ph and temperature control of your sparge play important issues, but the crush is very important to a good efficiency with all grain brewing.