Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Cascade, East Kent Golding, Magnum and Centennial Hops.

The one on the left is my Centennial and the one on the right is my Magnum hop. These are both first year rhizomes and they are looking pretty good. I didn't think they would climb this high the first year. I had to add another string for the Magnum to start its horizontal march! I don't expect much of a yield with these but they are doing really well and I believe that next year I should see a decent

These are my Cascade hops. They are in their 5th year. This year they are looking pretty thin. I think I harvested too many rhizomes off of them this year. Next year they should bounce back pretty good. I'm still getting a bunch of cones, but it's just not as thick as it was last year. They have also been lacking nutrients but I've been feeding them some tomato miracle grow and they enjoy that.

This is my East Kent Golding. The picture isn't the best because I was shooting towards the sun, but you can still make out the nice hops on the top. This one is in its fourth year and doing really well. I should get a good harvest from this hop. And look at it tearing up that drain spout!

How to Make Wine From a Wine Kit: Part 4

Here's another video in the wine making series.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008