Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Homebrew Junkie's Brewery

Homebrew Junkie finally got a March magnetic impeller pump for his brew system so he could get the brewery off of the sidewalk! I brewed up a simple German Pale Ale. Here's the recipe if you wish to try it out:

13 lbs german pils
13 lbs german vienna
1.25 oz summit hops 60 min
2 oz tettnang 15 min

On with the show, here are some photos. These were all taken with a camera phone so they aren't the best in quality but they work well.

I decided to pimp up the brewery and paint the kegs. When they are finished they'll be black and gold.

Here I am vorlaufing. Basically, that's recirculating the wort until it becomes clear. Once it's clear, then you can begin sparging. What's that? Check out the next photo.

I use the old tin-foil method. I punch a bunch of holes into the foil and it floats on top of the grain bed so it doesn't disturb it. Cheap and easy.

And here's the delicious looking wort (not yet beer). Boy did it smell fantastic and taste wonderful before I even pitched the yeast. It was a very successful brew day and I can't wait to try out the new brewery again when I get a chance!