Saturday, May 10, 2008

Homebrewing Class

Homebrew Junkie / Ben's Homebrew is conducting another homebrewing class on May 24th at 3 p.m. There will be a sign up fee of $10 per person and a limit of 10 people per class. Sign up in advance because seats sell out fast. As always, there will be a keg of beer for samples. So, what kind of beer is going to be served? Hmmmm . . . . . Well, allow me to share the recipe with you.

This is an extract/partial mash recipe. I'm shooting for an Ordinary Bitter. Don't let that name confuse you, it's not a bitter beer at all.

3.3 lbs pilsen LME
2 lbs Pilsen DME
1 lb Mariss Otter
1/2 lb 120L crystal
1 oz cascade 60 min
1 oz fuggles 15 min

Now, I only have 2 weeks until the class. Can I pump this out and have it ready for the class? You better freakin' believe it! How, you may ask? It's that nifty S-04 yeast. That stuff will crank out primary fermentation in less than five days. I'll let it go for one week, keg it and force carb it. Can't beat that. And the best part is that this beer is going to be so fresh you're going to want to keep going back for more. I just hope there is some left for me to take home!

So sign up, bring some friends that are curious and lets have a great time! See you there.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hop shortage have you troubled?

Can't find the hops to make that killer IPA you've worked so hard at perfecting over the years? Don't have enough Saaz hops to finish that Cezch Pilsner? Well, don't fret. Just because there is a current hop shortage, it doesn't mean the US hasn't been working hard at generating new hybrids from the classic hops you've learned to enjoy. What the hell am I actually talking about with new hybrids and classic hops. Well . . . . many of the "noble" hops are really difficult to find. Mainly: East Kent Golding, Saaz, Tettnanger, Fuggles, Magnum and a few others. Don't sweat it though. Here are some other varieties that you can use as a substitute that will give you great results as well.

Anything using Saaz you can substitute Sterling or Mt. Hood.
How about Hallertau? Damned hard to find right now. Well, try out some Liberty. It's a U.S. hybrid from Hallertau. Works good, too.

At a loss for some clean bittering hops? Can't find any simcoe or magnum hops? How about some Summit hops (I'm one of the few suppliers that still have them!). Man, they kick ass! Coming in at a killer 16.4% a.a. with a sweet, low co-humulone rate, they work great. Couple this with some tangerine accents for some flava additions and it makes for a very versatile hop.

Can't find any East Kent Goldings . . . well, you can hit up Fuggles, Willamette or even Glacier hops. They are all in the relative family.

I'll continue to post more about hops as the year continues. There is always something new coming out and I'm always doing my own crazy experiments with them, too.

Homebrew Junkie.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Homebrew Junkie - Up and Running

Finally, Homebrew Junkie is now here. What, you may ask, is Homebrew Junkie? Well . . . Homebrew Junkie is Ben's Homebrew's Personal blog. I'll be discussing tips, techniques, do's and don'ts. I'll be sharing my experiences in homebrewing and beer in general. I hope to share my experiences with you so that you can better enjoy and understand homebrewing and to improve the quality of your homebrew.

I'll keep you posted with additional future blogs discussing new products, old products, videos and additional links. So, sit back, relax, grab a homebrew and enjoy the ride.